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At Elemental Body Adornment, we love helping create a calm, fun, and positive first piercing experience, especially with our younger clients! 

We pierce earlobes of anyone over the age of 5 who can express to us that this is what they want to do and can understand our process. For anyone under the age of 10, we have a required first consultation before a time is chosen. This is for us to gain your child's trust, and ensure we, and most importantly they, feel comfortable with us doing this service for them.


When you come in for your consult, your piercer will give you a tour of the studio and our jewellery selection, and explain the process and tools we use for the piercings. We always book the piercing appointments with the piercer who performed your consult, as well as a secondary piercer to offer a tandem service (both sides at the same time) at no extra cost to you! A fun part of the consultation is selecting jewellery with your child to obtain a full range of prices. We love personalizing the experience for your child's wants, as well as your needs, to prepare for their special day.


Our goal is to help create a special memory of them choosing to be brave and choosing to shine!



Only YES means YES!

We pride ourselves on respecting everybody's right to choose what they want done to their bodies, and we will never force or pressure any decision. Sometimes it's days, weeks or even years before they decide they are ready after the initial consult and that is okay! Our piercers are happy to perform multiple consults with your child if they are still unsure.


We always start with labret post style jewellery for children's lobe piercings. This has a flat disk on the back for comfort, and the ends typically are snap fit for security. We prefer this style of jewellery as it is less likely to be caught or moved like ring style jewellery. All of the jewellery we pierce with is implant grade Titanium, with either Titanium ends or solid 14k gold.



Some additional important information before getting you child's ears pierced:


- The initial consult fee is $10.

- We do not recommend swimming for at least two months after having your ears pierced due to the amount of bacteria and potential for infection in bodies of water.

- Downsizing (shortening) the backings is recommended after 3 months. This makes the earrings more snug and comfy for continued wear once the swelling has gone down. This is simply the cost of the backings, we will happily insert them free of charge!

- We do not recommend using numbing cream before piercings as it makes it harder to achieve a straight piercing.

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