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Elemental Body Adornment was born out of a love of quality jewellery and excellent piercing service. Piercing is our passion - we lead the way when it comes to ensuring you get the piercing you deserve!

We offer a family friendly and inclusive studio atmosphere where folks can feel comfortable while adorning their bodies.

We pay living wages and provide health and dental insurance to our team members, and all the jewellery we carry is ethically made in North America. 

With high quality piercing services and jewellery as our only focus we refuse to cut corners when it comes to your health, safety and experience! 


‘Uy’ skweyul! (“Good day”)


We recognize our studio operates on traditional Lək̓ʷəŋən territory. This land and harbour with all its natural resources allowed these Indigenous People to thrive for thousands of years. Because of colonization these vibrant cultures have been displaced. 


Less than a kilometre from our studio is xwsзyq’әm (whu-SEI-kum “place of mud” - the Lower Causeway in the Inner Harbour) which was the site of an amazing clam bed that was buried and destroyed in order to construct the Empress Hotel (built 1904-1908).


Acknowledging this uncomfortable history of destruction for colonial expansion gives us perspective and encourages us to learn better respect for the land, water and Indigenous People here.

We humbly thank the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations for the honour of being of service to this area with quality and safe piercing services.


Huy ch q’u (“Thank you”) and Stay Shiny!


We take your health and safety very seriously, which is why we do things a little differently.

A clean and private piercing room

Clean & Private Piercing Rooms

all surfaces disinfected after every client for comfort and safety

All three of our piercing rooms are enclosed and private for client comfort, and all surfaces are non-porous and wiped down with disinfectant after every client.

For every piercing procedure we include an integrator strip in the autoclave cycle as a visual indicator of whether the jewellery, needle and supplies are properly sterilized. If the cycle fails, we know in advance of doing the piercing, avoiding the risk of piercing with contaminated jewellery or needles.

Our autoclaves are monitored weekly with spore testing services to make sure they are functioning correctly. Our autoclave model, the Statim G4 2000, is one of the best models available for our body piercing specific needs (and is also favoured by the dental industry). The cycle time is only 7 minutes, and is one of the fastest autoclaves available, ensuring your jewellery is sterile and ready for you!

We use sterile nitrile gloves for all piercing procedures to avoid cross contamination while handling tools and jewellery. These gloves are different than regular boxed gloves (they are what surgeons use during surgery), they come individually packaged to ensure sterility.

All our piercing supplies are latex-free. Needles are single use only, and disposed of immediately after the piercing. All piercing supplies are single use only, including marking pens, and all tools are sterilized immediately before the piercing.

All piercers keep current First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogens certification, and are members of the Association of Professional Piercers.


At Elemental, we know we are all different, and we strongly believe this is to be celebrated! We do our best to provide a safe, inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for our clients, regardless of gender, age, race, size, sexual orientation or piercing knowledge and experience level.


We have two massage tables that can support up to 650lbs (295 kgs), and a wider massage table that can support up to 450lbs (204 kgs). Our studio is street level with small lips on the doorways.


Please contact us if you have any questions - our goal is to help you shine!

Everyone welcome in rainbow and trans flag colours indicating LGBTQIA2S inclusivity


Elemental's senior piercer is a proud member of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP).

The Association of Professional Piercers (APP) is an international health and safety organization. It is a nonprofit voluntary alliance dedicated to the dissemination of information about body piercing.


In order to become members of the Association of Professional Piercers,

Professional Business members:

  • Uphold a set of safety and hygiene standards that are equal to, or more stringent than those established by state or local governments.

  • Have at least one year of piercing experience.

  • Have knowledge of appropriate sterilization and cross-contamination prevention through blood-borne pathogens training, required annually for membership.

  • Must work in a studio that meets rigorous standards of environmental criteria for health, safety and sanitation.

  • Undergo training and certification in CPR, and blood-borne pathogens and first aid certification; which must be renewed according to membership requirements.

  • Must send in monthly spore tests results for their studio’s autoclave (sterilizer).

  • Must answer an extensive questionnaire and sign a health and safety agreement.

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