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Due to laws and our insurance we have specific age policies for which piercings we are able to perform at which age.

Ages 5+ : earlobe piercing
If your child is under the age of 10, a consultation is MANDATORY before the actual piercing appointment. This is a meet and greet type appointment with them to go over our processes and answer any questions. For more information about kid's ear lobe piercing services, please see our dedicated page:


15+: lobe, helix, conch, tragus, daith, rook, nostril, septum, lip and navel piercings
With parental consent and attendance, we offer most of our basic piercing options.
This means that at the age of 14, we can ONLY offer earlobe piercing even with parental consent. 

16 - 17: eyebrow piercings

We require parental consent and identification for eyebrow piercings. This means that any other piercing that is not listed below as 18+ will be possible to perform without parental presence.

Age 18+ we offer nipple piercings, tongue piercings, industrials (based on the piercer's assessment of anatomy), genital piercings (inner/outer labia and VCH), and surface anchors.

We require government issued photo ID for all piercing services! 


We require government issued photo Identification for ALL piercing services we perform. Please bring one of the following:

- Driver's license
- BC or P
rovincial ID

- Passport

- A combination of a current school ID and a birth certificate or care card.

For clients requiring parental consent, we can accept a government issued ID such as a birth certificate or care card, paired with your parent's government issued photo ID.

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