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At Elemental, we primarily use pressure fit jewellery. This is a style of jewellery where the end slides securely into the post, instead of screwing in. We prefer this style as we find it is less likely to fall out, can be more easily changed, and doesn't require as much double checking! The only downside is if you snag it really hard, the end may pop off but can be put back on fairly easily.

To remove these studs, grab the back and front securely and pull with confidence! A slight twisting motion (back and forth) can help if tight.

To adjust the tightness of your pressure fit jewellery, simply pull the end halfway out of the post (while it is NOT in your body!) and make a small bend in or straighten the post. See how you like your adjustment and continue fine tuning until you get a bend you like!

Credit: Neometal Body Jewellery

For internally threaded jewellery, rotate the ball end clockwise to tighten, and counterclockwise to loosen. Check the ends regularly to ensure they don't fall off accidentally!


For seam, fixed bead, and gemmed rings, torque the jewellery by bending the ring into a spiral to rotate it out or insert it.


For captive bead rings (an older style we don't typically use), hold the ball and the ring (close to the ball) and push the ball away from the ring. To put the ball back in, sit one of the ball's dimples against the ring and then gently push the ball into place - the ring ends will fit into the ball's dimples.

Credit: Joeltron at Opal and Stone Heart Body Piercing, Australia
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