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At Elemental, we primarily use pressure fit jewellery. This is jewellery that the end presses into the post, instead of screwing in. We prefer this style as we find it is less likely to fall out, can be more easily changed, and doesn't require as much double checking! The only downside is if you snag it really hard, the end may pop off but can be put back on fairly easily.

Depending on body part we are piercing, we may use other styles of jewellery. This is a handy guide to help you understand how your jewellery works!

Never remove a fresh piercing, as it may result in you not being able to get it back in!

We are happy to help you change your jewellery! For only a $15 service fee and $5 jewellery sterilization fee, we will help you insert or remove jewellery (up to 3 in an appointment). This fee is waived when we are inserting a piece you have just bought from the studio.

Credit: Neometal Body Jewellery
Credit: Joeltron at Opal and Stone Heart Body Piercing, Australia
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