COVID-19 Reopening Safety Plan Protocols

We have developed a three prong approach for our facility and for staff members to follow in addition to our normal precautionary measures. This includes enhanced Cleaning, continued Physical Distancing, and expanded use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


Our approach is inspired by and references the  Association of Professional Piercers’ Post COVID-19 Recommended Response & Recovery Interim Protocols, Version 1.4.

We are training all staff on new protocols before they are returning to work. Training will include but not be limited to universal precautions, cross contamination prevention and the effective use of disinfectants, antiseptics and personal protective equipment.

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Enhanced Cleaning Protocols

Enhanced Cleaning Protocols include but are not limited to:


Disinfecting regularly used surfaces after each client, such as door handles counter tops, pens, tablets, personal mirrors and card processing terminals.

Each new customer will be given the opportunity and encouraged to perform hand hygiene (hand washing or hand sanitizer) when they enter the studio. Hand sanitizer will be available at the door.

Customers are not allowed to touch jewellery. A staff member will be happy to assist in displaying the jewellery.

Hand hygiene (washing or sanitizer) for employees before and after every interaction with a new customer.

Disinfecting surfaces regularly used by employees every shift, such as light switches, telephones, ipads, laptops, computer keyboard, card processing terminal, Statim autoclave, jewellery displays, storage towers and drawers.

Physical Distancing

Physical Distancing measures include but are not limited to:


Operating by Appointment Only

Making every effort to keep 2 metres or more apart, unless a procedure is taking place, by following our physical distancing floor markers.

Minimizing the amount of customers in the studio. (see studio capacity limits) 

We encourage clients to wait outside the studio until their appointment. We will contact clients via phone or in person when the service provider is ready. 


Clients are to arrive alone for their appointment or, if a minor, with one guardian to limit people in the studio.


Only clients and service providers in the procedure rooms (one guardian allowed for minor piercing). 

We allow digital conferencing companions inside the procedure room.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Enhanced use of PPE includes but is not limited to:

PPE use such as gloves and face masks by all employees.

Service providers will also be wearing face shields and disposable gowns.

Customers must wear a face mask or cloth face covering before entering the studio, regardless of symptoms.

Disposable face masks can be purchased at the studio.

Certain types of face masks may be recommended for the type of piercing received.

Digital Services/Payment

Some of our services, such as troubleshooting, aftercare and some consults will be performed by video conferencing.

We recommend using touchless payment or charge card options if possible. We will still accept cash but we are attempting to limit our handling of cash.

We will be changing to digital consent forms that can be completed outside the studio on client’s own devices. Devices will also be provided, as well as original paper releases.

Client and Employee Health Guidelines

We will screen clients for symptoms by phone before entering the studio. 

We will refuse service to any client that arrives with symptoms (fever, cough, chills, muscle pain, difficulty breathing, etc.)

We are limiting the number of employees on staff to allow for more space in the studio.

We refuse to allow symptomatic employees to work.


Our employees are self monitoring their temperature and health before starting work.

If any employee develops any symptoms while on the job we have a protocol in place to isolate them until they are safely able to leave.

If an employee tests positive for COVID-19 we will close the studio and contact all clients who were in contact with that employee. We will follow all directives from our Public Health Unit and WorkSafe BC, and keep the public informed about the process.

Other Changes

We will not be offering nasal or oral piercing to start.

Our water dispenser will not be available to clients.

Our restrooms are for emergency use only at this point.

No outside food or drink allowed in the studio. Please contact the studio if you feel you might need an exception.

Our candy bowl is no longer pick and choose. Clients may select from curated pre-made candy goody bags IF THEY BEHAVE!

If you are a member of a vulnerable population, please contact us so we can book an appointment at the beginning of our studio hours.

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