Do you require appointments?
- No, but we strongly suggest them! We will always try to fit clients in when we are available. Appointments give us a dedicated time to go over all of our jewellery options, waivers, and any questions you may have without feeling rushed.

Do you offer ear piercing for children?

- Absolutely! Our studio prides itself on our expertise with younger clients, helping them have an amazing first piercing experience that is fun and focused on them, with the quality, safety and care they deserve. 

How old do I need to be?

- It depends on what piercing you are wanting! Please see our comprehensive list of age requirements and services we offer on our piercing services page.

Do I need I.D.?

- Yes! We require one piece of government issued photo ID for all piercing services. For clients requiring parental consent, a government issued ID such as a birth certificate or care card is sufficient when paired with the parent/guardians ID.

Why do I need a consult first for Navel/Industrial Piercings?

- These two piercings are extremely anatomy dependent, not everyone is suitable unfortunately. We want to check to make sure that by us performing this piercing we are not going to cause issues, irritation or a piercing that is going to ultimately fail. We will happily show you some other options if these are not going to work out!

Can I choose my piercer?
- Of course! Give the studio a call at 250-384-9779 to book in with your favourite!

Can I bring a friend?

- You are more than welcome to bring a hand to hold for your piercing! We ask that you only bring one person with you to keep the rooms comfortable for everyone.

Can I go swimming with a fresh piercing?
We do not recommend it as bodies of water have a ton of bacteria! We always say to wait at least 2 months before swimming with a fresh piercing due to the risk of infection. 

I am pregnant/nursing, can I get pierced?

Due to potential risks, we do not offer any new piercing services to clients who are currently pregnant or within the first 6 months after giving birth. We can still change jewellery in your existing piercings though!

Can I start my piercing with ring/hoop style jewellery?

- The short answer is no. Septum and Daith piercings are the exception to this, as we feel ring style jewellery heals best with them. For most other piercings, we have found that starting with rings typically causes irritation and prolonged healing times due to the potential for movement and snagging. Starting with a stud will give you the easiest possible healing, and allow us to fit you with a perfectly snug ring once the piercing has healed! 

Do I really need to downsize my jewellery?

- Yes! Downsizing the length of your post once the swelling has gone down is extremely important for the health and longevity of your piercing. If left too long, it can cause irritation and angling of the piercing. Check out this handy diagram that explain it!

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